Mask Up Oil Blend


This blend was created to assist with the stress that can come from wearing a mask for long periods of time. Folks who experience anxiety, claustrophobia, PTSD & many other conditions can find it difficult to wear a face covering for even a short period of time. This was created similarly to our Brain Fog Mist, in which it clears the mind and lifts brain fog, often associated with these conditions.

This is an undiluted, potent essential oil blend with an energizing, spicy, citrus scent. With lemon, peppermint, basil and rosemary therapeutic essential oils, this can assist in clearing the mind, calming the senses and making breathing in a mask feel clearer.

To aid in general anxiety reduction as well as when one feels a panic attack coming on. Highly recommended for all ages.

Add ONE drop to the inside of a cloth mask, diffuse, simply inhale or add to bath.

5ml undiluted organic essential oils in an amber glass bottle with dropper

100% vegan, synthetic free, nut free

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