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Creating is my therapy. The news that a famous, rich, powerful white male was actually going to be held accountable for his crimes had me literally on the floor in tears. My inner child needed this, my sisters needed this, my child needed this, women I never have and never will meet needed this.

Civil rights activist Tarana Burke, founder of the Me Too movement, delivered a powerful speech on Sept. 5. Burke first used the phrase “me too” in 2006 as part of a grassroots campaign to support survivors of sexual violence. In 2017, following accusations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, the phrase became a global phenomenon. It gave voice to those who had suffered silently and sent a message to survivors that they were not alone.

“‘Me Too’ is about using the power of empathy to stomp out shame. When one person says, ‘Yeah, me, too,’ it gives permission for others to open up. For every Harvey Weinstein, there’s three or four thousand other pastors, coaches, teachers, uncles, cousins, and stepfathers who are committing the same crimes. We have to keep that in focus and we have to keep talking about it. I want survivors to know that healing is possible.” Tarana Burke

This perfume was created out of power, rejoice, strength, courage, love, acceptance and belief.

It’s a blend of 94 different essential oils of spice, resin and smoke. It starts of with warm hints of cassia, vetiver & ginger; with middle notes of healing sage & oakmoss, slowly progressing to a strong cinnamon smoke with remnants  of cold steel bars.

Wear as a reminder that you are not alone, you are strong, people are starting to listen and you WILL finally be heard.

This oil can also be used ritually to help heal these traumas; anoint objects & candles as one sees fit.

Each bottle contains a sustainably sourced porcupine quill. The porcupine is a symbol of faith, innocence and trust, when that trust is broken then the quills come out. Tradition was to make talismans out of porcupine quills for protection and the guidance of the ancestors; each quill on a porcupine is a symbol of an ancestor that came before them. The porcupine teaches us that when that trust is broken and an enemy comes after us, that we have the inner strength to protect ourselves.

25ml glass apothecary perfume bottle

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spice, resin and smoke


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