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A collection of our mental wellness lines, this is great for on the go, to gift to a loved one, or to simply explore these best selling lines.

Serene ~ Sleep & Anxiety Oil Blend: People have been using herbs for thousands of years to treat many health conditions. Scientific studies indicate that certain herbs may help to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety. This was created with plant allies used to help reduce symptoms associated with anxiety, panic attacks, mania, stress, nervous tension, insomnia, nightmares & disruptive sleep patterns. Rich with anxiety reducing and comforting essential oils of frankincense, clary sage, sage, lavender, chamomile, catnip, bergamot, ylang ylang, cedarwood, cypress, amyris, vetiver & palo santo, this is sure to nourish both the mind and body, encouraging a deep. restful sleep & bringing an inner silence stillness. This infusion is intended to comfort an uneasy thought process, assist in difficult times, slow down racing thoughts and bring comfort & peace to the body, mind & spirit. Highly recommended for use during Mercury Retrograde.

Rooted ~ Ground & Center Oil Blend: Sometimes, the best medicine is simply the ability to be present. Forest Bathing & Earthing therapy rests on the intuitive assumption that connecting to the energy of the planet is healthy for our souls and bodies. Trees can be considered among the most amazing lifeforms on the planet and there is so much they have to teach us. They root into the earth receiving nutrients from the soil, building fortitude, and readily utilizing their resources. There is an incredible amount of strength in rooting into the earth. When we ground into ourselves and root down into our thoughts & emotions, it can help us know who we are. When we listen to our own inner patterns with compassion and curiosity, we gain inner knowledge and can more easily root. When we are connected to ourselves and everything around us, we can also more readily feel the connection of others. When we are firmly grounded, we can be more flexible. Given the stressors in life and all the storms that come, we must be able to flow with the tide. When we are rooted deeply down within ourselves, we are less rigid and we can more easily bend to uncomfortable and difficult aspects of life. When you’re grounded, you can feel a discharge of negative & pent up energy, calmness, increased blood flow, experience a quicker healing processes, a lowered heart rate, followed by sleeping much better. Traditional plant allies used for rooting, grounding, protection, purifying stagnation, balance & healing, bring the energy and spirit of the woods into your home with this blend of ancient red cedarwood, rainforest cedar leaf, succulent balsam fir, grief & trauma healing cypress, other evergreens and a touch of dark patchouli to bring you the truest aroma of a damp forest floor. This infusion is intended to assist in bringing inner strength, embrace ones power, encourage growth & a solid foundation to the body, mind & spirit. Highly recommended for use during Mercury Retrograde.

Awaken ~ Uplift & Stimulate Oil Blend: Created to help bring clarity, reduce brain fog, decrease lethargy & stimulate focus with powerful, energizing plant allies that won’t give you the same jitters as caffeine! Reduce grogginess, increase mental focus and clarity with this stimulating blend of powerful traditionally used plant allies for supporting darker, sadder moods characterized by apathy and withdrawal. Seriously powerful mood lifters, this is especially handy during those months when sunlight is scarce and the hard stuff seems to outweigh the good.  Rich, uplifting & simulating allies of mints, eucalyptus, citrus, rosemary & a touch of crisp woods can help bring clarity t the mind, body & spirit. To embrace sunshine and a clearer mind. Excellent for online learning & studying, fogginess caused by medication and lack of sleep, seasonal and generalized depression, and at times of mourning, grief & general feeling “stuck”.

Heart Space ~ Self Love Oil Blend: We all have healing that we need to do in our hearts, no matter where we come from nor our life experiences. Heart pain does not discriminate; it’s one of the most common human conditions we all share. Created out of a deep need for healing, especially in these tumultuous times globally, our self love line is meant to help one embrace self confidence, hold space for oneself, dig deep to find our inner strength & courage and embrace self acceptance. Rose is our #1 go to plant for times of grief, trauma and stagnant emotions. It helps us to find balance within ourselves, opening the heart, allowing us to be vulnerable to feel these feelings. It can bring strength and empowerment, uplift suffering, anxiety, anger, insecurity, grief & depression and reignite our inner light to lift our spirit. Hawthorn & hibiscus are known for their mightiness & power to normalize the heart, physically bringing balance into the tissues by simultaneously strengthening any weakness and reducing hyperactive states of stress within the cardiovascular system. This can also apply to the stability of our mental health when matters of the heart feel uneasy & disrupted. It can help in restoring strength & confidence once again when life feels vulnerable,  assisting with reducing living in fear. The cypress tree has long been associated with grieving and mourning; used traditionally to bring clarity to the mind & strength to the soul, this hearty evergreen has been used for centuries to remove both physical & mental toxicities, making it a staple in our self love products. Lime is a potent purifier, bringing a feeling of crisp, clean renewed energy. During  periods of heartache, or whenever you notice that you’re neglecting holding space for yourself, this infusion is intended to restore confidence & brighten the spirit by bringing a general feeling of joy.

Anoint onto the self, objects, or sanctuary, diffuse, or add to bath water; inhale deeply, focusing on the aroma.  These aromatic blends are designed to help you to enter into an optimal state of mind for accomplishing your goals, as well as to engage the power of your subconscious mind with greater impact.

Includes one 2 dram bottle of each undiluted, pure essential oil encased in a recycled kraft paper box

Each product in these lines is scented with these same blends, so this is also a great sample of what the bath, rollers & mists smell like!


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