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Long considered traditional medicines in both the New and Old Worlds, the plant allies of the Witches Garden perfume line are still used for sorcery and other occult practices. Four years in the making, this was birthed on a sacred expedition, under the glow of the Full Moon.

Monkshood (wolfsbane, aconite) signifies caution, treachery, and misanthropy. The flower’s symbolism meant that it was often used as a warning. A gift of monkshood flowers was seen as a symbol to the recipient to take care as danger lies ahead. The Berserkers, an infamous Germanic tribe, reportedly consumed Aconite in order to transform into ‘werewolves’. Aconite is said to cause a sensation on the skin of wearing a fur-coat or feathers and may induce hallucinations of transforming into different kinds of animals. The most poisonous herb of Europe, aconite has a long history in poison murder. Aconite was sacred to Thor, the Norse god of thunderstorms and lightning. In German this connection is reflected in various folk names given to the plant, such as Sturmhut and Thor’s hat. Other popular German names are Eisenhut = helmet, and Mönchshut = monk’s hood. But there is also an erotic side the aconite, as is suggested by names such as Venuskutschen and Venuswagen = ‘wagon of Venus’.

Created with essential oils & essences of sweet buttercup & sticky resin, this is a true to scent warm, succulent aroma.

Use ritually to anoint oneself, candles and other objects.

10ml amber glass apothecary roller bottle. Limited edition, limited quantities available.

*Does NOT contain any poisonous plant matter. Created for ritualistic purposes only.

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