Mugwort Body Oil


Named after the Moon Goddess Artemis (Artemisia vulgaris) & the beautiful silvery glow of the underside of the leaves appear to be permanently charged with moonlight, mugwort smells incredibly pungent with a sage-like aroma, mixed with an earthy richness that uplifts, and sparks the spirit.

Well known for its ability to warm & circulate energy throughout the body, mugwort is used for breaking up congestion & stagnation while it gently stimulates the nervous system. Its ability to  increase circulation & reduce tension makes it a highly valuable plant ally is muscles and nerves. It’s been used as a nervine since time immoral,  having indications for shaking, nervousness, anxiousness and insomnia.

Some consider it able to give one a clearer view on life and impart a deeper sense of peace. Known as a psychic/lunar herb, is said to enhance divination and psychic dreaming. It is purported to have protective properties. In European folklore, Mugwort shields against injury, fatigue, and poisons. Romans would put this herb on their shoes to ward off fatigue on long journeys. In modern witchery, mugwort’s main use is for psychic visions and prophetic dreams.

Purify, protect, enhance plant spirit & full moon work while deeply moisturizing the skin. Can be used on the body, added to bath water, or to ritually anoint altars, candles & other objects.

Created with wildcrafted mugwort infused in unrefined organic hemp oil. Small batch made, limited quantities available.

50ml amber glass apothecary dropper bottle

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