Mugwort Essential Oil


The Artemisia plants are named after the Greek goddess Artemisia, who ruled over hunting, hills, and fertility. Romans were said to have placed the leaves in their sandals to keep their feet from becoming sore throughout the day.John the Baptist was said to have worn a girdle of mugwort. The herb is considered important in Holland and Germany, where they wear it as a crown for protection on St. John’s Eve. The herb has long been thought to influence women and labor. In Wales, it was tied to the left thigh to ease difficulty in labor.

The plant is highly regarded in witchcraft. Native Americans attributed mugwort to witches, as well. It is traditionally used for divination and protection, lucid dreaming, and astral projection, a cleanser for ritualistic tools and staving off unwanted energies.

Medicinally it is used s a tonic to boost energy, to regulate menstruation, treatments for intestinal and stomach issues, to stimulate gastric juices, as a sedative, to rid the body of worm infestation, as a liver tonic, in the treatment of mental problems like depression, anxiety, and chronic fatigue & to calm epilepsy, seizures, and hysteria.

This is the mugwort we use in all of our products, specifically our higher end perfumes and Lucid Dreaming creations. Canadian wildcrafted, steam distilled.

5ml amber glass apothecary dropper bottle

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Mugwort ~ (Artemisia vulgaris) pure essential oil


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