Perfume Skull Ring


A stunning Victorian poison style ring set, with an inner gold ring brimming with succulent patchouli & amber resin perfume which gentle slides into its silver skull engraved top ring.

Handmade by a local artisan on the Gulf Islands, BC, perfume made by us!

Patchouli is used to ward against negativity & bring stability & grounding to the distressed. A magically great aid when used for lore, sex, prosperity, health & protection.

Amber is believed to draw disease from the body, healing & cleansing one as they work with it. An amazing natural fossilized resin from ancient pine forests that are millions of years old comes from the Baltic region in Europe. Its metaphysical properties will restore the body’s sense of well being, releasing pain & stress.

The skull symbolizes transcendence, immortality, gateways & rebirth. It’s worked with ritually for protection during times of transition & communication with ancestors.

The color gold is known to call in abundance, enlightenment & power. Silver is associated with the astral plane, divination & a deep intuition.

Only 4 of each, sizes 8 & 9 available!

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