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Developed hundreds, or perhaps even thousands of years ago by yoga and Ayurveda practitioners in India neti pots are nasal irrigation devices that use saltwater solution to moisten nasal passages and clean out mucus, alleviating allergy, cold, and sinus symptoms.

These are used to help clear the nostrils to allow free breathing, remove excess mucous, reduce pollen or allergens in nasal passages, relieve nasal dryness, reduce cold and flu symptoms, alleviate sinus headaches, improve sense of smell and taste, and in some cases help reduce snoring.

These porcelain neti pots are plastic &  lead-free, making them a safer alternative for nasal irrigation use as well as being better for the environment. This double pot design has a neti pot sitting on top of a ceramic pot that conveniently holds the salt. Each pot comes with a packet of pink Himalayan salt crystals to make the salt solution.

Prepare this double neti pot system by adding 1 cup of distilled or boiled water & 1 teaspoon of Himalayan salt. For an ultra saturated solution (recommended only for those used to previously performing nasal irrigation) prepare this solution 24 hours prior to use.

To use, simply lean over your sink and tilt your head sideways, breathe gently with your mouth open and insert the neti pot spout in your upper nostril. This movement will cause the saline solution to drain out of your lower nostril. Then, gently clear your nostrils with a tissue to get rid of extra mucus and discharge. Lastly, repeat the steps above for the other side.

Before using a neti pot, speak with your doctor first to determine if nasal saline irrigation is an appropriate option for you.

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