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A rare Nightshade family member, Physochlaina orientalis holds a close resemblance to its much larger relative Henbane, Hyoscyamus niger. Being in the Nightshade Family, Physochlaina contains some of the powerful alkaloids of its many medicinally-valued cousins. Used in traditional medicine of China, Tibet, Mongolia & Central Siberia.

Growing abundantly in Turkey’s Black Sea coast, the common name given to the plant is Taş Banotu, meaning Stone Henbane, in reference to the plant’s ability to thrive in rock crevices.

An extremely choice and rare plant, which is quite easy to grow, has sizeable, lavender-pink tubular flowers which open in the stem tips. The first shoots are dark purple, almost black in color, with the leaves turning green as they unfold. It self seeds modestly once well established, but is in general a very restrained, well-behaved plant, staying exactly where it is placed, and growing in beauty year after year.

***ALL SEEDS will be subject to approval of your local customs. As we ship all over the entire country & internationally, you must please be aware of your local laws prior to ordering as there are NO refunds or replacements sent of seeds seized during shipping as all regions have very different rules on plant material.

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All seeds are individual packets, each seed listing is for one single pack. Seed count depends upon the size & rarity of the seed. 

We are unable to accept returns on our products as once seeds leave our warehouse we cannot resell them due to it being unknown what they have been exposed to & the condition kept in. 


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