Rose Moon Diffuser


The Rose Moon, as in old European naming traditions, is also known as the Strawberry Moon, Flower Moon, Honey Moon and Hot Moon.  June, the month that marks the culmination of spring and the launch of summer, is when roses are finally able to bloom in their fullest glory, spreading their velvety and perfumed petals wide open for the admiring. The warm breezes blow through the leaves of the trees, the sweet smell of nectar waifs through the night air, crickets sing and owls hoot. With the warm nights, it’s as if magic just floats in the air, growth is at a height and Mother Nature is open to all things mystical and magic.

A mid summers night dream, this full moon energy calls upon us to gently explore the forest, our inner visions, dreams and aspirations. A time to slow down, simplify, and inhale. To breathe in the life around us, notice the sweetness in the air, and to simply be. A time to align with the universe, slowing down our frantic spring fever into a sweet summer breeze.

Simplify & inhale this infusion of rose & green forest, with a touch of strawberry, mirroring the outside natural world to bring an inner calm.

Remove cap, insert reeds, place in a sacred space and inhale deeply.

50ml amber glass apothecary bottle with bamboo reeds



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rose, green forest, with a touch of strawberry


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