Self Love Mala & Oil


Our self care line is created ritually with herbs, oils, and botanicals with the intent to improve self esteem and confidence, lower depression and anxiety, and increase awareness and connection with oneself.

Created to help one feel inspired for focusing on self love work, to use for meditation or simply wear as a necklace or bracelet. This natural volcanic stone has been used for it’s eruptive, powerful forces. To encourage one to fiercely love themselves unconditionally. Triple knotted with rose gold thread, this mala makes a beautiful addition to an altar or gift for those needing the reminder to love themselves.

Included is our best selling oil, an intoxicating blend of rose, hibiscus, berries and citrus. Add 1-2 drops directly to the stones, diffuse, inhale, or add to bath.

With a rose quartz stone to enhance confidence, empathy & compassion toward oneself.

Give yourself the gift of self care today!💓


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