Self Love Teacup Candle


Limited edition crystal infused Self Love soy candles in vintage British & German teacups!

The Self Care line is created ritually with herbs, oils, and botanicals to improve self esteem and confidence, lower depression and anxiety, and increase awareness and connection with oneself.

One of our best sellers, this is an intoxicating blend of hibiscus, rose and citrus. Rose is my #1 go to plant for times of grief, trauma and stagnant emotions. It helps us to find balance within ourselves, opening the heart, allowing us to be vulnerable to feel these feelings. It can bring strength and empower, uplift suffering, anxiety, anger, insecurity, grief & depression and reignite our inner light to lift our spirit.

Topped with rose quartz crystals, and pink Himalayan salt. These are used to open, protect & heal the heart.

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