Stardust Perfume


stardust: a feeling or impression of romance, magic, or ethereality

“There’s a flame of magic inside every stone & every flower, every bird that sings & every frog that croaks. There’s magic in the trees & the hills & the river & the rocks, in the sea & the stars & the wind, a deep, wild magic that’s as old as the world itself. It’s in you too, my darling girl, and in me, and in every living creature, be it ever so small. Even the dirt I’m sweeping up now is stardust. In fact, all of us are made from the stuff of stars.” ~  Kate Forsyth

Not for the faint of heart, this is an old magic scent. With stark and smoky and layering and exploding clove, vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood with warming frankincense and vanilla bean. For those who know, in the end, we all simply explode and live amongst the stars.

10ml amber glass apothecary roller bottle in a kraft cardboard box

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