Stärke Bubble Bath


Depending on your skin chemistry, many people find the smell of patchouli dirty, while others find the it quite fresh, clean & bright, making one feel “alive” and full of energy, raising the spirits.

An overwhelming hot mess yet exuding strength and self-confidence this is an olfactory world for someone that knows exactly who they are & is willing to share it, regardless of the reception or perception of others. The wearer likes who they are, and doesn’t care if others do or do not.

Profound apathy and salvation via sinus searing force, this perfume is reminiscent of a beekeeper’s shed but in heady, sweet, opulent, vile, merciless, orgasmic, sexy, very “f*ck you” way; this is utterly charming. When the world deals you a big fat flaming hand of garbage, this aroma reminds you that nobody cares, and neither should you.

Intrigued and willing to wait to see where this fragrance takes you, the start is an intense slap of resinous wet, dark and pungent patchouli with aromatics standing somewhere in the background, giving a tiny herbal aura, making this addition incredibly comfortable and soothing.

In German, the word Stärke means “strength”, and this aroma is STRONG. With tremendous staying power, this scent may fill your entire home, usually into the next afternoon. Start small with this powerhouse, and try layering it with your other bath soaks to give them an extra punch. There is something so ritualistic about ending the day with a bath using this deeply scented intoxicating aroma. Slowly pour a small amount under warm running bath water; inhale deeply, focusing on this heady scent, submerge & soak for a minimum of 15 minutes for a most decadent enveloping bathing experience.

XL 8oz amber glass apothecary bottle

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