Strength Oil Blend


To be resilient means we are able to remain stable and function in the face of disruption and chaos. It means we can continue with everyday tasks, remain balanced, and bounce back quickly from hard times.

Resilience is important for several reasons; it enables us to develop mechanisms for protection against experiences that could be overwhelming, helps us to maintain balance in our lives during difficult or stressful periods, and can also protect us from the development of some mental health difficulties and issues.

With plant allies associated with resilience, power & strength, this is a very strong blend consisting of patchouli, cinnamon, Siberian fir needle, sweet orange and lemongrass. To stir, awaken and embrace one’s inner resilience, bringing powerhouse energy to the very core.

Anoint the self or objects, diffuse or simply inhale.

100% Vegan, synthetic and nut free, wildcrafted and sustainably sourced ingredients.

5ml amber glass apothecary dropper bottle.

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