Sweater Weather Body & Sanctuary Mist


“Carefully folded, kept on a shelf while summer flaunts its style, when pages of fashion magazines replace novels with bent binders.
I’ve seen many seasons, from the introduction of autumn to the final chapters of spring. But I will comfort her again, when the winds shift from the north and coffee replaces iced tea. We will sit by a fire, cherish timeless stories as old friends and the warmth of familiar material.”
~B.I. Stonaker
An olfactory journey of ceremonial burning rich & balsamic dragons blood, resinous balsam fir, familiar oakmoss & petitgrain, soothing spice, warm cacao bean & patchouli. Finishing off with a touch of crisp mint, this alludes to a kind of mysticism. This is sweater weather.
An aroma that hovers just beyond your perception, most folx will find that this feels familiar & familial. Soothing, captivating & enthralling, be transported to a place where there is no pain, sadness or anxiety.
Shake well, spritz onto the self & sacred spaces for mind, body & spirit connect and balance.
Allow this aroma to completely envelop you like your favourite old sweater, bringing comfort, softness, safety & solace to the spirit. Get out the old sweaters, dust off the books, pour a cup of tea. It’s time to be still.
This can be used on the body, linens, or to ritually mist altars, candles & other objects.
SEASONAL ~ Limited edition, limited quantities available.
50ml Amber glass apothecary spray bottle
Ingredients: Distilled water, aloe vera, witch hazel, essential oils

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