The Bloodline Collection


Created yearly, exclusively on the Blood Moon, these were made with the intention to work with ones ancestors, strengthen families, reinforce and restore familial relations.

This collection includes our most helpful Bloodline Spirit Oil, Soy Candle & crystal pouch.

In European elm have been considered a tree of the dead since antiquity, where ancestors would rest, find comfort & use it as their “transitional” body. With bloodroot, rosemary, life everlasting & elm bark to symbolize eternal life, to protect & shield from negativity & toxicity, to celebrate & offer and to embrace ones bloodline. Infused and topped with protective, cleansing and healing herbs and oils, and black tourmaline crystals to keep yourself and family spiritually safe during this work.

With stones specifically chosen for this type of work, we’ve included a heart shaped bloodstone, rose quartz, red jasper, amethyst, citrine, labradorite, prehnite, obsidian & clear quartz. These are used to bring connection, joy, unconditional love, freedom from hate & fear, protection, clear communication, bravery, wisdom & inner peace.

Encased in a natural burlap bag, this collection is a staple for some folks, especially during the holidays.

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