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Cinnabar has been used for 2000 years in traditional Chinese medicines and in Indian Ayurvedic medicines. Cinnabar is the naturally occurring mineral with mercury in combination with sulfur. Cinnabar was used in an alchemical drug of longevity, called Makaradhwaja in India.

A rarer stone to obtain, the name “cinnabar” is said to derive from an Eastern Indian phrase meaning “dragon’s blood.” Eastern dragons were long considered helpful, beneficial creatures not the fire breathing destructive tyrants they are in the West. Cinnabar was recognized as a mystical ore because it is produced from volcanic & hot springs activity.

The heat that results in the creation of cinnabar comes from the very heart (centre) of the earth. Its colour depicts both the heart (blood) & burning embers of a fire. As a result, it has the ability to both foster positivity and cause destruction. The magic of cinnabar is that it opens doors of opportunity for the future while putting negative experiences of the past to rest.

Dragon’s Blood is considered one of the most potent ingredients in Magical work. Dragon’s blood can be worked with to increase courage & protect those going forth to meet danger & to help slay metaphorical dragons.

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