The Full Moon Collection


Many people look at the Full Moon as an all-purpose day for enhancing all spiritual work; for cleansing or add power to what you do, or as a climax in the lunar cycle which represents completion.
Created on the powerful Full Blue Moon, this collection includes a bath salt vial, Full Moon Spirit Oil & crystal pouch in an eco plant dyed cotton bag.
With plant allies of mugwort, rosemary, eucalyptus, mint & ancient resins and spices associated with protection, purifying & abundance. Infused in white epsom, pink himalayan and black salt for their grounding, cleansing, rooting & detoxifying benefits. Sprinkle into the tub or onto an altar or entranceway to one’s sanctuary during full moon workings.
These lunar stones are associated with the most powerful phase of the Moon. They anchor and amplify its energy for your life, spiritual work or Full Moon ritual. Selenite takes its name from Selene, the Greek Goddess of the Moon. This crystal anchors lunar energy, is deeply cleansing, fills your aura with light and raises your vibration. Moonstone anchors lunar energy, balances your emotions and helps you tap into your intuition and feminine power. It also stimulates dreaming and accessing the subconscious mind. Rainbow Moonstone helps you in developing your psychic abilities, especially clairvoyance. Labradorite, considered blue moonstone, is used to help guide intuition while encouraging astral travel & psychic abilities. Blue Gold Stone boosts creativity, dream work, abundance & can assist with removing blockages. Citrine is used to bring joy in focusing on goals while carnelian brings an inner fire to help maintain drive. Hematite is a master magnifier, drawing in the properties of these crystals, while clear quartz is a master healer, amplifying their benefits.
Limited quantities available, warpped & ready to place under the tree, these make a wonderful gift for the witch in your life!

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