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Larimar is a rare stone of whimsical and ethereal beauty. Found only in 4.4 square miles of the Dominican Republic on the Island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean Sea, it is a fairly new discovery found in only this one place in the entire world.

Larimar embodies the energy of both the Fire and Water elements from which it was created. Calming, cooling and soothing to the emotional body, enhanced communication, feminine power, connection with Goddess energies. Larimar is said to enlighten and heal in a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual way. It stimulates the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras facilitating inner wisdom and outer manifestation. It represents peace and clarity, radiating healing and love energy.

Larimar helps those who work with if awaken to the Divine Feminine within. It brings not only a sense of serene tranquility, but also a vivacious playfulness and a sense of one’s innate inner strength and power. It helps one call upon the Goddess within to find and fully manifest their highest purpose in life.

This luxurious collection includes exclusive perfume, bath oil & cuticle cream created with the highest quality of jasmine, lilac, rose otto, blood orange, neroli & champka. A true Goddess aroma sure to ignite & envelope the senses!


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