The Goddess Collection


Created during the Full Blue Moon, this is an amalgamation of various Goddess’ energy with the intention to assist those seeking their inner Divine Feminine energy to show up, be brave, be daring, and offer no apologies for who they are.

A divine, intoxicatingly unique & luxurious blend of pink lotus flower, osmanthus, cedarwood, jasmine & geranium organic essential oils in a bottle packed with rose quartz crystals for some extra potent self love!

Included are crystals of ultra luxe larimar, the most sought after stone for connection with the Divine Feminine. With crystals associated with Goddess’:  moonstone (Hathor), obsidian (Kali), labradorite (Ceridwen), pyrite (Hera), carnelian (Bastet), rose quartz (Aphrodite), petrified wood (Demeter), fluorite (Athena), red jasper (Maat) & citrine (Lakshmi).

Enclosed in a black velvet pouch, this collection if for the folks looking for powerhouse energy!  Anoint the stones, the feet, hands, heart, breasts and womb as a reminder of the celestial, visceral being within your skin, focusing on gratitude, power and courage.

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