The Lilith Collection

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“In a world full of Eves, I stand with women who wear serpents around their hips and paradise between their legs.” ~ Pavana

Harness the power of this dark goddess to help tap into inner anger, heal sexual trauma, embrace ones inner succubus & rule your own world, on your own terms.

Lilith Perfume ~ An intoxicating, powerful blend of patchouli, palo santo, agarwood, sandalwood, vetiver, cinnamon, frankincense & other seductive resins with a touch of ceremonial smoke. Created specifically for magical intent, with plant allies traditionally used to cover the scent of death.  Use ritually to anoint oneself, candles and other objects, diffuse into seductive sanctuary’s , wear as a perfume or add to bath water. Each bottle is loaded with rich red carnelian crystals, which recharges the sacral chakra, helps to remove any blockages that turn sex into a less enjoyable activity, and is a powerhouse activist stone due to it’s use in powering up inner anger and using it for something important.

Lilith Crystals ~ Carnelian, red tigers eye, garnet, red jasper, pyrite & red howlite skull. Used to embrace ones sexuality, increase drive & passion, give us an inner fire when we need to stand up to the “Adam’s” of the world & help guide us to become the powerful women we’ve been quietly manifesting for centuries.



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1 review for The Lilith Collection

  1. Irma (verified owner)

    I absolutely love deliciously warm and sensual scent. I find it gets my creativity going.

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