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In the Victorian era, it was customary for families to go through elaborate rituals to commemorate their dead. There were three distinct mourning periods: deep mourning or full mourning, second mourning, and half-mourning. The length of time for each period would depend on the relationship with the deceased. No one would ever think of telling a mourner that they had grieved long enough or that they should hurry up and get over it; unfortunately this is often what is told to mourners today. Over the years, we have become a society that does not want to think or talk about death, and we have become less tolerant of peoples’ grief. One of the most important things we can learn from the Victorians is their openness in talking about and planning for death. It does not need to be the focus of our lives as it was then, but we do need to have more of these important conversations, hold space for those grieving, and allow ourselves whatever time it takes to fully grieve a loss.

This collection includes:

*Mourning Salve ~ Traditional funerary flowers of lilac & jasmine, warmth of cinnamon, resins, with a touch of solitary heart holding & healing rose and rosemary. Naturally colored black with detoxifying activated charcoal, topped with jasmine flowers. Anoint onto the self, objects, or sanctuary.

*Mourning Bath Soak ~ therapeutic blend of magnesium, pink Himalayan & black salt has many skincare benefits and is great for sore muscles, detox, relaxation and stress relief. Minerals and natural salts have been used in beauty recipes and for natural healing purposes for thousands of years, containing over 21 minerals, including magnesium, calcium, sulfur, zinc and potassium. The salt stimulates circulation and can detoxify your body. Magnesium deficiency results in lower levels of fatty acids on the skin which reduces elasticity and moisture and creates the perfect condition for dryness and lack of tone. Taking a magnesium bath might aid with magnesium depletion and supply your skin with this vital mineral. Magnesium is also said to soothe sore muscles and further relaxation. Pollutants are known to cause skin problems such as eczema, acne, and hives. Activated charcoal detoxifies & helps remove all those irritants from your skin, helping ease breakouts and other skin problems. Richly scented with traditional funerary flowers of lilac, rose, jasmine & chrysanthemum, warmth of clove & patchouli, with a touch of solitary Autumn fire smoke.

*Foxglove Flower Essence ~ a protector of the heart, allowing one to push through the grief situation, or to sit with it as needed. For those that are so deeply heart-nourishing energetically, this can help calm and comfort, to help let go of the things that are inflamed (causing pain) in our hearts, making this a wonderful choice for self care. This flower essence is beneficial for those experiencing loss & grief whether it be from a physical death, loss of relationship, a career, loss of a part of the self, anything that brings grief and heartache. This plant spirit essence was created in solitude in the woods of the Canadian Pacific Gulf Islands. Infused deeply with intention in the forest, in a sacred space believed to be full of fairies, life and purity.

*Crystal Bag ~ Crystals can help release the pain, shock, and sense of hopelessness that grief can often bring. Crystals also provide a loving support to help you through the grieving process. Smokey quartz, rainbow moonstone, clear quartz & jet are used to protect you through times of grieving. This is so important, particularly when things may seem hopeless, as this strong emotion could draw negative energy to you. Renowned for their powerful grounding energies, these stones ability to emotionally realign you is paramount for the healing process. These have also been included for those wanting to focus on shadow work, to help embrace these feelings and bring protection during that time.

A little goes a long way, allow this deeply rich & nourishing salve to envelop yourself in your grief, to experience it and fully live it, rather than push it away. Beautifully wrapped and ready to gift, bring the permission to grieve to your loved ones this season.

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