The Poisoners Cup


Ritual • Manifest • Power • Closure

veneficium: (noun) poisoning; magic/sorcery; crime of poisoning; mixing of poison; poisoned drink.

Old rusted keys that open forbidden doors; planting baneful seeds in the Full Moon; musty banned books; fresh cemetery dirt; burning candles at the crossroads…this smells like sorcery.

Richly scented with thick, sticky resins, tars & absolutes of oakmoss, vetiver, tonka bean, copaiba balsam, birch, dark patchouli and other secrets.

Formulated with a creamy exquisite coconut & soy wax blend, encased in vintage, highly sought after Portmeirion “Totem” cups from our own personal collection. Originally launched in 1963 the Totem line propelled Portmerion pottery into stardom and is now considered to be a design icon of the 1960s. This revolutionary design created a sensation, as there was nothing else like it. With glyph and sigil like shapes, these seem they should be used for herbs and potions and tea and cakes after ritual.

Topped with graveyard juniper & magical Shamanic dream stone; if death, decay and the obscure are your poison, this exclusive cup set is for you. Anoint the pulse points & objects with the wax as it’s solidifying.

“Poison is a glyph for magical power itself: complex, concentrated, liberated in the hands of the elect and disastrous in the hands of the fool.”  ~ Daniel Alvin Schulke, Veneficium

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