The Sacred Woods Apothecary


A beautiful wall or altar piece, this one of a kind curated apothecary includes 25 sacred tree barks, needles, leaves & resins (the lifeline of the tree), encased in an enormous vintage wooden stand. Reaching from sky, deep into the earth, this sacred woods apothecary makes a wonderful gift for those working with the earth & forest energy, seeking the more obscure plant allies.

Trees are a form of nature that represent life and the sacred continuity of the spiritual, cosmic, and physical worlds. A tree is often used to symbolize a deity or other sacred beings, or it may stand for what is sacred in general. They represent certain deities or ancestors, serve as mediators or as a link to the religious realm, and are associated with cultural beliefs in heaven or the afterlife. Through association with particular religious or historical events, an individual tree or species of tree acquires the symbolic significance of the events as part of its meaning. A society’s spiritual beliefs about the kinds of trees that are sacred generally depend on the nature and number of trees found in the territory. If trees are plentiful, the forest as a whole will also be an important part of the religion’s spiritual beliefs and rituals.

Created for the lover of all forests & the magical beings of trees, this sacred woods apothecary consists of white willow bark, arbutus bark, white oak bark, white poplar bark, wild cherry bark, birch bark, prickly ash bark, white pine bark, aspen bark, juniper berry, cedar leaf, cedarwood, sandalwood, cassia inner bark, palo santo wood, pine needle, frankincense resin, marsupius wood, wahoo bark, poplar buds, myrrh resin, pine tops, juniper leaf, pinyon pine and yew bark encased in individual cork topped glass vials.

On a bed of moss, you’ll find a large glass vial with moss agate, tree agate, petrified wood stones, tucked away in the bottom drawer.

Limited edition, only one available.

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