The Self Love Apothecary


A beautiful wall or altar piece, this one of a kind curated apothecary includes plant allies, crystals & candles associated with self love & healing of ones heart. Encased in vintage glass bottles in a wooden stand, this makes a gorgeous gift to the self or those needing to heal the heart.

We all have healing that we need to do in our hearts, no matter where we come from nor our life experiences. Heart pain does not discriminate; it’s one of the most common human conditions we all share. Created out of a deep need for healing, especially in these tumultuous times globally, our self love line is meant to help one embrace self confidence, hold space for oneself, dig deep to find our inner strength & courage and embrace self acceptance.

Rose is our #1 go to plant for times of grief, trauma and stagnant emotions. It helps us to find balance within ourselves, opening the heart, allowing us to be vulnerable to feel these feelings. It can bring strength and empowerment, uplift suffering, anxiety, anger, insecurity, grief & depression and reignite our inner light to lift our spirit. Hawthorn & hibiscus are known for their mightiness & power to normalize the heart, physically bringing balance into the tissues by simultaneously strengthening any weakness and reducing hyperactive states of stress within the cardiovascular system. This can also apply to the stability of our mental health when matters of the heart feel uneasy & disrupted. Motherwort & holy basil can help in restoring strength & confidence once again when life feels vulnerable, assisting with reducing living in fear.

Natural crystals of rose quartz, rhodonite, lepidolite, garnet, fluorite & clear quartz are used to encourage & enhance acceptance & a deep love of the self. With 2 pink & 1 white candles, these colors are associated with a gentle, kind loving of the purest self.

These plants can be used to create a tea, added to bathwater, anointed upon candles, sprinkled upon an altar or bed, left as an offering to the self or simply displayed as a reminder to be gentle with our own heart.

Limited edition, only one available.

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