The Self Love Collection


Self Love Perfume ~ Ground and center with this intoxicating blend of East Indian rose and hibiscus, which can help one get through tough times and remind us to breathe while smelling delicate yet strong. To reduce anxiety, PTSD, panic, insomnia, trauma & anger, this is an excellent perfume to help one feel inspired for self love work. Created specifically for self care intent, it can be worn as perfume, used for healing circles, to anoint oneself, candles and other objects, be diffused or added to bath water.

Self Love Crystals ~ rose quartz, sunstone, lepidolite, rhodonite, fluorite, and blue quartz are included for their overcoming, peaceful, joyous, awareness, tranquility & balancing properties. These can be carried on the self, placed upon an altar or any sacred space as needed for self care.

Beautifully wrapped with our signature “Self Care Isn’t Selfish” card, give your self or loved one the gift of self care!

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