The Shadow Work Collection


Balance • Acceptance

Shadow Work is how we integrate the aspects of our unconscious psyche into our conscious experience and allow the positive aspects of the shadow to express themselves.

When properly used & channeled, the shadow self has traits that we can use to further your our personal development.

This comes with a black obsidian sphere & chips in the bottle. Black obsidian is revered for revealing inner truth, ancestral healing & past lives, making it an amazing crystal for shadow work.

Shadow work helps us to accept that which we’ve found unacceptable so that real change, healing, and transformation can occur. Both light work and shadow work are tools of awakening; when we allow ourselves to experience both of these polarities on our spiritual journey, this will assist in the experience of our personal ascension.
There are very specific plant allies that can help us bring the clarity & acceptance needed to delve deeper into this sometimes uncomfortable work; the most commonly used for their potency are clary sage, self heal, rosemary, yarrow, lilac, jasmine, lavender, eucalyptus & sage, to help find our grey area.

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