The Summer Witch Collection

The fields and forests are full of warm, soothing sunshine and green, blossoming plant life. A time to embrace fun, singing, dancing, growth, nourishment & barefeet!

A time to breathe and simply BE, embrace your free spirit magic with this uplifting, lighthearted healing blend of citrus & mints. A beautiful time for manifesting, embracing white magic & growth, may this crisp, clean, airy mist & candle help guide you on journey, returning to the purity of the earth and to the core of your very being.

The juiciest of fruits & the happiest of colors, citrus physically lowers blood pressure and emotionally helps to reduce stress and nervous tension. Mint is clarifying and energizing, with uplifting & healing properties, rejuvenating the mind and greatly reducing stress. Lavender is instantly soothing, calming & grounding, opening the soul with ease of breathing, sleep & a deep inner comfort.

Small quantities available in 2 options, created exclusively for Summer 2021, a time of quarantine & isolation & stay at home, may you find freedom & comfort in this aroma and in your naked feet in the earth.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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