The Twin Flame Collection


This Twin Flame Collection has been created with essential oils & crystals used to find understanding, peace, solace and purpose; to help one on their twin flame path. It includes a limited edition perfume and crystal bundle.
The Twin Flame Perfume ~ Formulated with organic essential oils of frankincense, angelica, jasmin, geranium, lemongrass & other love drawing magic, infused with citrine crystals. Wear around potential mates, anoint objects with during ritual & add to bath water for spirit bathing.
Crystals can be programmed with specific intentions, worn on the person, placed with a photograph of your Twin Flame, or used in a crystal grid. Rose Quartz are the crystals of unconditional love, beginning with the self from within. Larimar is a potent ally when it comes to drawing in Soulmate and Twin Flame energy & can help to manifest them into our lives. It can be used in manifestation grids or intention setting to supercharge the love that we wish to bring into being. It can help us to release old fears, traumas, insecurity, issues or ties connected to past lives and facilitate our soulmate into our lives. It’s a perfect stone for Soulmate and Twin Flame work as it clears the blocks that keep them from our lives and acts as a beacon to call them in. Garnet is a firm, strong, loving stone. This stone is perfect for grounding your unconditionally loving union. Garnet can bring you back into the present moment, and remind you of just how much love you have in your life. Rhodonite is a very powerful stone of relationship healing and harmonization. This crystal keeps the communication waves clear and harmonious, while healing the relationship from the inside out. This stone boosts forgiveness, compassion, and helps fully heal any fear blocks between you and your beloved. Moonstone is known as the “lucky in love” stone. In addition to being great for intuition and travel, it’s great for love, and connecting to the inner Divine Feminine. Lodestone & hematite are both magnetic “drawing” crystals, moss agate helps one stay rooted & grounded while engaging in this type of work, while citrine brings abundance & joy; clear quartz has been included for it’s ability to enhance all crystals it is worked with.
Included in this limited edition collection are a heart shaped rose quartz, larimar, clear quartz, garnet, moss agate, hematite, magnetic lodestone, rhodonite & citrine, Twin Flame perfdume with citrine crystals, all enclosed in a natural burlap pouch.

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