The Uplifting Collection


This Uplifting Collection has been created for those experiencing tougher times at the dark days & nights of the year.

Wintertide Sanctuary Mist ~ Beneficial for seasonal depression, this sunny mist was created to assist in uplifting the spirits, release the old & embrace the magic of winter with these cheerful plant allies. All of us feel the loss of daylight to a certain extent. For some, it may be occasional sluggishness, less motivation to get outside and exercise, or less of a desire to spend time with people. Others may feel even deeper withdrawal, or experience less control over emotions and the sometimes overwhelming responsibilities of daily life. We’ve created this warming and stimulating formula for those who are stagnant, experiencing seasonal or deeply stuck depression, frustration, irritability & difficulty getting going. With powerful traditional plant allies used for supporting darker, sadder moods characterized by apathy and withdrawal. Seriously powerful mood lifters, this is especially handy during those months when sunlight is scarce and the hard stuff seems to outweigh the good.  Rich, comforting, uplifting & warming plant allies of cedarwood, lavender, bergamot, lime, orange & spruce. Useful for the darker days, helping lift the mood when experiencing depression. Sure to uplift & invigorate both the mind and body, mist onto the self, objects, or sacred spaces, focusing your sensory on the rich aroma. Considered sunshine in a bottle, this infusion is intended to comfort & bring warmth during the colder seasons, while hydrating & nourishing the mind and spirit.

Sunflower & Citrine Essence ~ Sunflower has devoted its very shape to worship the sun, which gives us light and life. This powerful plant ally, along with citrine crystal, are used to increase happiness & self confidence, encourage new friendships, open oneself to new creative paths, bring power to manifestation, and to help lower depression by boosting energy and surrounding the self with the energy of the sun. This flower essence has been infused in the sunlight completed in the full harvest moon with mama bear love, strength & encouragement, for those facing fears & change.

Depression Aromatherapy Roller ~ A stimulating, uplifting blend of grapefruit, orange, lemon, lime, bergamot, pine, cypress, spruce, neroli, basil and wintergreen for clarifying moments. Roll onto the temples, forehead and wrists for an immediate boost of sunshine in moments of darkness.

Crystals ~ Sunstone, citrine, carnelian & clear quartz are included for their self empowerment, joy, optimism, confidence, happiness, strength, energizing, activating and vitalism properties. These crystals are considered the stones of light & sunshine, which can be wonderfully uplifting, elevating & motivating.

Encased in a green eco plant dyed pouch, which is the color associated with healing, health & vibrancy!


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