The Wildcrafters Collection


Limited edition collection of wildcrafting staples!

This collection includes a German mushroom cleaning brush, designed to form to mushrooms for proper cleaning. The soft bristles offer just the right amount of scrubbing to clean delicate mushrooms without destroying them & is equipped with an ergonomic wooden handle. The cutest mushroom & plant cleaning cloth for tree bark and more delicate plant allies being harvested. A double sided German nail cleaning brush to remove built up of resins and dirt under the nails and in finger creases & our Herbalist Hand Salve to soothe at the end of the day. Enclosed in a large burlap pouch for travel and to use while gathering in the forest.

For the wildcrafter, this deeply soothing salve was created to repair hands damaged from fresh foraging.  A fresh, green, uplifting sharp herbal aroma, bright & blooming with life! Herbs have aromatic leaves that fill the herbalists working area with fragrance, especially in the late morning when the sun begins to heat up. The scent of herbs comes from their foliage and is intensified when they are crushed or broken. An energizing scent, with fresh and fusing notes that release feelings of excitement, stimulates and opens all the senses with a secondary effect of making people feel happy. The opening is rather tart, then it branches out into something more beautiful, youthful, energizing and uplifting much like how you feel when you survey your end of winter garden and start seeing signs of life and the shift toward Spring. Hydrating, reparative, soothing and softening, this is a cool, bracing, aromatic, distinct, strong-scented salve with notes of sweet & holy basil, rosemary, sage and other green delights.

Brushes & cloth imported from Germany.

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