Thinning of the Veil Oil


At this time of year, the veil that separates the spirit world from that of the physical is at its most thin. The “veil”, or the natural layer of separation between the physical & spiritual world is thinnest during the time leading up to Halloween or any other collection of Spirit related festivities due to over 13 worldwide holidays celebrating the spirit world around this time.

These celebrations all center around the acknowledgement that our loved ones are still with us in spirit, reinforcing the importance of remaining connected to our beloveds who have died as well as the impermanence of life, and the persistence of love and connection. The Wise Women perform rituals to keep anything negative from the past from harming or influencing the future as it is a time of change and looking ahead. Traditionally, fires were kindled on sacred hilltops for the protection of the people & land, the purpose of the fire was to destroy anything harmful or negative from the previous year and not to rid the countryside of witches. Names of things from the old year that one wanted to get rid of, or release, were written on paper and thrown in the fire to burn. In some pagan traditions this place was set for the Great Mother, the original ancestor of the family or clan.

This thinning of the veil oil has been created for these ideal times to meditate on your connection with your beloved dead as well as to ancestors you may never have known, but whose lives, deaths and enduring energies impact who you are today. With plant allies of spices & resins traditionally used in European witchcraft for protection, sacred & spirit communication, each bottle contains obsidian, amethyst, hematite and pyrite crystals for their protective, communication, concentration, insight, journeying and intuitive properties.

Working with ones ancestors can be done in various ways, such as anointing objects, the self, window & door openings with this oil, by fire gazing, building an altar, meditation, writing a letter to these spirits or holding a silent meal for them.

Limited edition created for Samhain 2020, limited quantities available. 10ml amber glass apothecary bottle

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