Trauma Oil Blend


The pine tree is noted for its remarkable resilience: the measurement of a plant’s ability to tolerate conditions of adversity and return to a healthful state.

Demonstrating such resilience through challenging climatic and environmental circumstances, the pine tree is thought to transmit the qualities of clarity and peace, and to enhance a person’s ability to weather challenging “climatic changes” in life, and, through difficult times, continue to work to secure the well-being of future generations.

The Iroquois called the white pine the “Tree of Great Peace,” and burned its wood as a means of pacifying ghosts and banishing nightmares.

This is why we have chosen Pine as our base for this blend, focusing on areas such as PTSD, trauma, shock, and extreme anxiety/panic. Infused with other organic essential oils that are also proven to assist with these conditions.

Meant to be diffused or worn, this blend has an instant calming and grounding effect. When used with mindfulness practice it can be a wonderful tool alongside other modalities of treatment to help reduce the intensity and comfortableness that can be associated with these issues.

5ml organic essential oils in a soybean oil base

Amber glass bottle with dropper

100% vegan, synthetic free, nut free, lavender free

*Contains soy*

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5ml organic essential oils in a soybean oil base

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