Immune System Boost Tonic


To maintain immune system health and reduce symptoms of colds & sore throats, this is a delicious way to add a boost to your daily routine. Elderberries have been used for healing for centuries for good reason!

With wild harvested and sustainably obtained ingredients, these are slowly infused and warmed to draw out the plant allies full healing potential.

Veganized herbal folk remedy of elderberries, ginger root, clove, rosemary, distilled water and non GMO vegetable as a honey alternative.

Shake well before use.

Take 1 dropper full daily to maintain wellness, 3 droppers per day at onset of illness.

Safe for children over the age of 5.

This is not to be meant as a replacement for medication, this is strictly used to help reduce symptoms associated with these conditions. Always consult with your doctor prior to consuming any herbal remedies and learn the contraindications of any current conditions you may have and medication you are taking.

100% vegan, alcohol free, synthetic free, nut free, soy free, lavender free, honey free

60ml amber glass dropper bottle *(double the size of our previous tinctures!)

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Elderberries, ginger root, clove, rosemary, glycerin

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