Wikinger (Viking) Incense


Wikinger – German for “Viking”

An intoxicating blend of oakmoss, vetiver, damp woods and heavy smoke, this old world aroma is sure to bring you back to a time of nature, wisdom, strength, courage & bravery.

A time where your ancestors were seen as Kings and Queens, where they found comfort in the bosom of the dark earth, and where they fought for what they believed in, no matter the consequences.

Inspired by a beautiful German Viking song, each bottle is infused with blended sacred Yew bark, Cedar leaf & bark, Oakmoss, Oak Leaves and Acorns wildcrafted from an ancient cemetery on a small island in Western Canada. With Balm of Gilead buds and Rowan leaf & berries wildcrafted from a Witches tree in Alberta. With old world resins used in victory and ritual ceremonies; all ground by mortar and pestle under my own personal Rowan tree.

This song that has inspired this creation, is rich with history, wisdom, and magick.

A few of the lyrics with Modern English Translation:

The thorn is exceedingly sharp, an evil thing for any knight to touch, uncommonly severe on all who sit among them.

The mouth is the source of all language,
a pillar of wisdom and a comfort to wise men, a blessing and a joy to every knight.

Bliss he enjoys who knows not suffering, sorrow nor anxiety, and has prosperity and happiness and a good enough house.

Trouble is oppressive to the heart;
yet often it proves a source of help and salvation to the children of men, to everyone who heeds it betimes.

The yew is a tree with rough bark, hard and fast in the earth, supported by its roots, a guardian of flame and a joy upon an estate.

The poplar bears no fruit; yet without seed it brings forth suckers, for it is generated from its leaves. Splendid are its branches and gloriously adorned its lofty crown which reaches to the skies.

The oak fattens the flesh of pigs for the children of men. Often it traverses the gannet’s bath, and the ocean proves whether the oak keeps faith in honourable fashion.

The ash is exceedingly high and precious to men. With its sturdy trunk it offers a stubborn resistance, though attacked by many a man.

100% vegan, organic, nut free and synthetic free, wildcrafted ingredients

Limited edition created in 2017, this very small amount has been recently found on our shelves so there are only limited quantities available!

Now in a larger size of a 25ml amber glass jar

**This incense should only be burned outdoors

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oakmoss, vetiver, damp woods and heavy smoke


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