Wild Spruce Tip Honey


With a medium-strength woody, earthy, and evergreen aroma, spruce tips are a deliciously potent plant ally.  Spruce tips are rich in minerals such as potassium & magnesium, contain chlorophyll, which helps growing and healing tissues, controlling cravings, as well as transporting oxygen to cells. Spruce also has a significant percentage of camphene, making it beneficial for respiratory issues such as bronchitis, asthma and coughs. Naturally packed with vitamin C, this is an excellent energy & immune system booster.

Spiritually, spruce restores and opens the heart (4th chakra), strengthens self identity and the root (1st chakra). Emotionally it is used for grounding, rooting, calming, centering and focusing.

Wildcrafted spruce tips are slowly warmed and stirred, then left to solar infuse. This dark honey is a slightly bitter citrus with a hint of resin taste with a gorgeous evergreen aroma, making it a lovely addition to teas, to sweeten foods or to eaten simply to boost the immune system.

Due to the short bloom time period, and to not over harvest our trees, this is available in small quantities for a limited time.

100ml amber glass apothecary jar with wooden honey spoon

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