Wildcrafted Balm of Gilead

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A great comforter, Balm of Gilead (poplar bud) is used magically to soothe the heart and bring peace to the home.

Medicinally, it is a traditional folk remedy used to reduce pain and swelling.

These buds have been wildcrafted in the spring, macerated then infused in unrefined organic hemp oil.

Sitting in the dark for almost one year, this is a thick naturally resinous aroma, free of any essential oils or synthetics. Slowly warmed with beeswax from a local apiary.

Reminiscent of the woods during spring time, this has been ritually create to encourage rebirth, to bring comfort and relief to its wearer, and as a reminder that the dark always returns to light.

This balm can be worn to soften the skin, as a natural perfume, and used ritually to anoint self and objects. Highly recommended for self love work!

Limited quantities available.

50ml amber glass jar

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pain management, comfort, peace, soothing

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