Wildflower Body & Ritual Oil

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“I’m going to give you a handful of wildflowers
so, each petal that falls will remind you
that the earth breathes, and the moon rises.”
― Carolyn Riker, My Dear, Love Hasn’t Forgotten You

In most cultures around the globe, the wildflower symbolizes happiness. Wildflowers provide seeds, nectar, pollen, and leaves as a source of food and life, especially for pollinators that have small home ranges. They also support people, directly and indirectly.

French apothecaries in the 1800s recommended roses for all manner of ailments. Wild rose petals have been used to induced sleep, soothe headaches and calm a painful menstruation. Blossoms were sniffed to improve blood flow, alleviate depression & reduce stress inducing measurable differences in breathing and blood pressure. Violets contain salicylic acid, which helps with oily skin, with a moisturizing capability that works great for dry, sensitive skin. Most wildflowers are naturally anti-inflammatory, providing a calming effect to the skin.

Naturally blue in color due to exquisite blue tansy oil.

These wildflowers have been harvested in the early morning of the New Moon, when their scent is the most potent, then infused in unrefined organic hemp oil. This infusion has been curing in the dark, now ready to be applied to the skin.

Like wildflowers, this oil is multipurpose; apply to the skin, hair, add to bath water, or worked with spiritually to remind oneself of their inner resilience & natural wild.

Small batch made, limited quantities are available of this seasonal beauty.

Ingredients: blue tansy, lilac, violet, rose, lavender, everlasting, coconut & hemp oil

30ml clear glass apothecary dropper bottle infused with wildcrafted tansy, rose, lavender & everlasting flowers.

Always consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using any herbal products, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, have an existing medical condition, have allergies, or are on any medications.

This information is for educational purposes only, has not been evaluated by Health Canada, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


1 review for Wildflower Body & Ritual Oil

  1. Terri Wicks

    I only purchased this last night and I could not wait to review it and let everyone know how sublime this is.
    First off, it’s so pretty in the bottle. I debated on not using it. But once I dropped a bit on my arm I was in absolute love with this oil. I demanded my friends give me their arms so i could drop a bit on and they could enjoy too. They loved it.
    When it comes to scents I usually go for earthy, warm or light fruity scents. I like floral, but I’m a bit persnickety with florals. This oil is so perfectly blended, it’s just intoxicating how lovely it is.
    On our way home, a breeze came through the window and I could smell this beautiful oil on my skin. I closed my eyes and felt like I was in a beautiful meadow on a sunny day, lying in the flowers watching the sky and fluffy clouds go by. To me, it’s that beautiful meadow on a sunny summer day when you’re so in love with summer and life itself. I couldn’t wait to get home from work, shower and dry brush this lovely oil on my skin. I highly recommend it. 😊

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