Winter Facial Steam


Created specifically for severely dry winter skin, this plant based fine skin care consists of deeply nourishing, hydrating and reparative plant allies used to repair wind swept, damaged, cracked skin.

Herbal steams are a wonderful, relaxing way to promote self care, with a ton of benefits. It boosts circulation and leaves skin clear and refreshed; the warmth from the steam helps loosen pores so dirt can come out and it revives tired skin. The heat encourages blood vessels to dilate which keeps blood flowing freely and breathing in aromatic herbs  helps to sooth frayed nerves, promotes relaxation and reduces stress.

Formulated with high quality organic & wildcrafted plant allies of matcha, wild rose, lemon balm, yarrow, clary sage, frankincense & myrrh, lavender, calendula & red clover. Known and used internationally for centuries for their repairing, restoring, and anti-aging effects, these have enormous healing and anti-inflammatory properties, are ingredients in most wrinkle reducing products, rich in vitamin C, a wonderful astringent and mentally calming.

Best used on very dry skin, during winter months & postpartum to restore skin’s natural balance. Developed for sensitive, combination & oily skin, this steam can be used as needed. For a wonderful deeper hydration, follow with our Winter Facial toner, serum & salve, which is used to seal this, further extending its benefits.

Add a pinch to a bowl of boiled water, place the nose just above the water line, cover the head with a towel and steam for 10-20mins, allowing the pores to open to prep the skin to fully absorb the minerals and plants of a wash, exfoliant or moisturizer afterward. Inhaling these plants can also reduce allergies, soothe tired eyes and sinus’, help clear and moisturize the airways and clear the mind of fogginess.

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