Wise Woman Herbal Oil


Used since ancient times by wise women everywhere, mugwort is a very important plant ally.

It’s used for it’s warming & stimulating properties to increase circulation & reduce pain.  Closely associated with the moon and the goddess Artemis, mugwort is regularly used by women during their moon time. It stimulates the creative centers of our brain, making it a wonderful sleep & dreaming plant. In the iron age, it was drank to cure hysteria, making it an amazing grounding and calming herb.

A great comforter, Balm of Gilead (poplar bud) is used to soothe the heart and bring peace to soul. Medicinally, it is a traditional folk remedy used to reduce pain and swelling.

Small batch made, slowly warmed and infused with wild harvested mugwort & poplar bud in unrefined organic hemp oil.

Reminiscent of the woods during spring time, this has been created for the wise woman. To encourage rebirth, to bring comfort and relief to its wearer, and as a reminder that the dark always returns to light.

This oil can be worn to soften and lightly scent the skin, massaged on the stomach during moon time, for healing circles, and to anoint the self . Highly recommended for self love work and when one is entering a new phase in womanhood.

30ml amber glass apothecary dropper bottle


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wild harvested mugwort & poplar bud infused in unrefined organic hemp oil


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