Womb Spirit Oil


Created during the thirteenth lunation of the year, the cold moon, the LAST of the decade.

This oil has been created out of what seems to be a deep need for the availability of spiritual tools to work with, associated directly with the womb. This oil is intended for an inner connection to ones womb; to use before and/or after a procedure where one may need strength, connection, closure, and a form of spiritual release.  This includes abortion, hysterectomy, gender reassignment surgery (MTF) and other physical trauma the womb has endured.

Emmenagogue (abortifacients) herbs have been used historically to promote menstruation, uterine contractions, relaxant and other abortive effects that can cause termination of pregnancy, promote uterine strength, and encourage blood flow. Women used these herbal formulas when they had no other options for dislodging the fertilized egg. These are known as “Eve’s Herbs” and are no longer used due to the advancement and availability of Western medicine, the dangers associated with using them incorrectly and the inability to obtain them. These have also been used to encourage blood flow for absent menstruation, used to reduce menopausal symptoms and to help with hormonal balance during times of change, including the menstruation moon cycle.

As a herbalist, I have always been drawn to historical use of plants, specifically abortifacients and uterus specific herbs in the past 2 years. After studying the use of these plants in various cultures and historically, I took an abortion doula class and began studying the politics and spirituality surrounding abortion, menstruation, transgendered and reproductive rights. Something is missing, and to me it seemed like non-religious folks needed a spiritual outlet. Because my spirituality revolves around plants, creating this oil just made perfect sense to me. I wanted to find a way to work with these amazing, powerful plants on this level, without actually having them be used internally to cause their medicinal effects.

What I recommend with this spirit oil is to anoint the stomach area and breasts externally, while focusing on ones womb strength, power, and abilities. Anoint a candle with this, or use it however you see fit, and try to speak words you need to get out. My hope is that this will help bring closure, strength, womb wisdom, and whatever else one associates with their womb to those who need it.

This oil is made with the same plants used historically for uterus and womb concerns. This is intended for topical, external use only. There is NOT enough plant and oil matter in this bottle to be used internally and will not have the same medicinal effects at all. This if for spiritual use only and can not cause any of the above mentioned effects. It has no medicinal value and all plants used are legal.

Created specifically for magical intent, it can be used ritually to anoint oneself, candles and other objects, be diffused or added to bath water.

15ml glass apothecary bottle

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angelica, hyssop, pomegranate, wild yam root, acacia, thyme, juniperberry, rue, male fern root, tansy, motherwort, pennyroyal, Queen Anne’s Lace, myrrh, clary sage, white sage, marjoram, wormwood, black cohosh


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