Yoni Herbal Steam


Cleanse and tone the womb with this ancient herbal practice.

Yoni steaming has been practiced in foreign countries since the dawn of time. While westerners can be quite skeptical of this tradition, experiencing it oneself is the best way to decide if it is helpful to YOU.

Common misconception is that this is used to “clean” the vagina. That is not the case at all, as vaginas should only be internally cleansed with pure water.

Vaginal steaming is used physically to tone the uterus, reduce cramping and other symptoms associated with PCOS, PMS, endometriosis, hemorrhoids, vaginal prolapse, menopause, womb trauma, yeast infection, and pretty much any other physical ailments concerning this specific area.

Many people find great comfort and release, both physically and emotionally after vaginal steaming. It is used regularly after perineum tissue damaging events, including childbirth, transitional surgery and sexual intercourse. Some use this to connect to their divine feminine side, their inner goddess and intuition. Some perform this steam to simply get to know their vaginas better, and some for the relaxation benefits and relief from moon cycle associated cramps.

This herbal blend of red clover, rosemary, damiana, mugwort, motherwort, calendula, lavender, wormwood, yarrow and plantain has been created for the repairative, healing, anti-inflammatory and calming benefits of each plant.

Whatever your reason for vaginal steaming, whatever most Westerners say about it, whether you purchase it here or elsewhere or create your own, it can be a wonderful way to connect to oneself, relax, bring relief and utilize another form of self care.

Add 1 tablespoon to a bowl of boiling water, allowing it to sit and create a tea-like solution. Wrap a towel around the waist and keeping the feet warm, squat over the bowl (some people like to place the bowl in the toilet to be able to sit comfortably, some people have a specific chair for steaming). Be sure that the water is not too hot and that you will not burn yourself. Sit for as long as you’re comfortable (20 minutes is a great minimum). If it feels too hot, allow the water to sit longer to cool more.

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red clover, rosemary, damiana, mugwort, motherwort, calendula, lavender, wormwood, yarrow, plantain


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